Monday, July 30, 2012

the fringe

the fringe festival is 12 days of theatre in over 20 different venues in and around the exchange district.

everyone was there for common goal, to experience theatre in new ways and the air was crackling with excitement. I saw a show called the sin-eater and it struck me to the core. it was everything, the people, the street performers, the booths, the sudden choirs that popped out of nowhere, the posters that lined the fences, the banana-fudge-nachos, the lights, the cube, the stage, the magic.

 the Riel Gentlemen's Choir

 because why not have a hammock on the sidewalk
 mobile library 

 the man who wrote poems on the spot, ours was "robots in love"

 I wish you could see just how beautiful he was


  1. haha, holy shit, i saw those dudes! those wooden rings or something? he WAS gorgeous! but their rings were too $$$