Monday, November 29, 2010

from my third roll of film. a mix of things that have caught my eye, self portraits, a trip to a homeless shelter where i spent four days volunteering (there's quite a few photos of the floor we slept on, it was the fourth floor and it was all open and storage space for everything under the sun)  and one photo of me (looking quite happy, i might add haha) that someone else took! i can't actually remember who.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

my second roll of film. these photos consist of shopping for wedding-things, (as i mentioned, my sister was married this september) there's a trip to the beach with a group of wonderful people, and the rest are various self portraits and still life. again, some of these are on flickr. but a lot less than my first roll.

this was the first roll of film i had ever shot. (not counting the ones from when i was little) i went to Grand Beach camping for the weekend with my sister and her group of friends, because i was determined to do everything i could to make a memorable summer, which included saying yes to every opportunity. it was an amazing time and my sister's boyfriend proposed to her on the beach that very weekend. :) (they were married 3 months later)
some of these photos have been posted to my flickr, but not all of them.