Tuesday, May 16, 2017

monday night

it was nice enough to sit outside and we had hummus and wine and mozza sticks and I've been feeling pretty down lately but honestly, this is the stuff that heals the soul

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

this is the month that everything happened

the roll of film for february. Kodak 400. Canon AF35M
photo captions posing as poetry
this is the month that everything happened. from loss to gain to loss again. the art on the walls. the people I cried in front of. the ones who picked me up. the almost-unbearable weight of love from the ones who have no good reason to love me. leaving the house in the evenings. the three of them in my kitchen, still cracks me wide open to think of it. my hometown in the thick fog. my sister's twins, born the day after a Valentine's Day I didn't celebrate. the good with the bad, a beginning, an ending. the funeral on my mother's birthday. the same cemetery from my first memory at 3 years old. my second home. all my family, all at once. and the stage I sang on. (think I aged 10 years this month.)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

a roll of film per month: January 2017

I'm doing my very best to shoot a roll of film each month, this year. I'm using a different film camera each month, too. I forgot this roll was black and white while I was shooting it.

January / Nikon F65 / HP5 Plus B&W

This camera has all kinds of problems. It shifts the focus like a tilt shift lens, regardless of the lens I'm using.