Saturday, July 7, 2012

summer afternoons, exploring the city

I am continually amazed by this city. most of the time, we just wander.
 we found an old apartment building with all its doors unlocked, crawled out the first floor window and climbed the fire escape until the top. inside, there was an artist's studio amidst the construction debris, chock full of sculptures and paintings of outer space and old printers and sheets of drywall.
that's the kind of thing I crave, those discoveries.

 hot air balloon sighting

 on the sidewalk

 bekah got a haircut
 the bike dump, downtown

 "Monday: Wimmin & Queer" 

 some of my favourite places in the Exchange District 


  1. what an amazing discovery! i love to just wander the city sometimes and explore the little nooks of hidden places and make them my secret destination

  2. thank you! agreed, it's one of my favourite things.